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Why So Maryrose?

Hello! My name is Maryrose and So Maryrose is a blog that started all the way back in 2013 when I ventured abroad to China for the first time to study. A wonderful and eye-opening experience, I was keen to document and share it all and so I created a YouTube channel here where I showed friends and family what life was like there.


A Sinophile at heart, I love learning about the Chinese culture and language. The similarities between my own West African heritage to that of East Asian certainly keeps drawing me back to learning more. Plus what can I say about the food. To truly know Chinese food, you have to travel to the source and find out. I love also to cook and hope to display certain recipes here and there from China as their cuisine is so broad. But why the interest in Chinese culture? I started learning Mandarin Chinese at the age of 11, fortunately through school and took it all the way up to university level. Thanks to my parents and family for encouraging me to continue, it has led to numerous opportunities and experiences that I do not take for granted.

Femininity and traditional values

Beyond my love for Chinese culture and language, my reformed faith in Christ and salvation has led to a beautiful discovery of femininity, traditional values and family love. With a taste for vintage style and classic silhouettes, there’s just a lot that I hope to share with you on this blog besides China related content. Whether it’s notes from my China journey, reflections of historical teachings, or an appreciation for classic timeless style, there’s much to be seen here.

So thank you for joining me – I’m thrilled to have you read my posts and engage with me, it really is encouraging!

Thank you,