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Christianity in China

Today I want to write about how awesome God has been since my arrival to China. Before travelling to China I had so many pre-conceived thoughts about how China was going to be.  Many of my thoughts encompassed around religion and how I was going to worship in China as a Christian. I kept asking myself if I would have to go to an underground church and whether my faith in God would decrease during my time there. But how far from right I was! The first few weeks in China I came across a few people who had spoken of a Christian church for internationals (As foreign passport holders cannot worship with Chinese citizens). This was basically an answer to my prayers, not only this but the church weekly funded a coach to pick up all those from the university willing to go. 

My first time at this pentecostal church was amazing, the praise and worship was so uplifting and the preaching so captivating and meaningful. I automatically felt a part of a blessed community and was soon welcomed by people of the church. Moreover as the church is about an hours drive from most of the universities in Ningbo, the church kindly provides food, drinks and snacks for everyone to enjoy and fellowship with everyone. Bless them!

Apart from church, there was also bible study that was conducted by different individuals every Tuesday. Here we would have a discussion on a particular topic with references from the bible. Afterwards we would socialise a bit with a few snacks and drinks. So yeah, for all those wondering about practising their faith in China; it is absolutely fine. There are many international churches around China that is registered with the government that you can attend. The only issue would be to invite your Chinese friends to your church which is not allowed and could get your friend in big trouble. I hope this enlightened a few of you who had questions on this matter. I wish I had more pictures of the church I went to and of the bible study but unfortunately I happened to delete many pictures of the church by mistake.

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