Away at Cefn Lea, Wales – Day 1

Hello Guys, hope you are all well. The weather in the UK has been terrible recently with the storms and what not, but all is good! So at the moment I am at Cefn Lea Park which is situated in mid-Wales and I am here with the international family of The Apostolic Faith Mission Church for the 2014 annual UK camp-meeting. It’s been going great so far even though it just started on Saturday and will continue for the next few days until Sunday 27th. During this camp-meeting we hear a lot about Jesus Christ and how he died for our sins, and it’s great time not only to socialise with friend from around the world but to also expect to receive many blessings through prayer.
 So about this outfit; initially I was going to pair the white skirt with a black top and matching black heels, but I went through my initial thoughts with my aunty and she advised me to pair it with an unusual colour, not something basic like black. So when I went shopping, I fortunately found this awesome orange short-sleeve jumper and immediately bought it. However trying to find orange heels that weren’t going to cost too much was proving difficult, and just as I was about to give up and go home I decided to pop into Primark and see if I could find anything. To my luck I found exactly the same orange coloured court heels for only £9 and bought them straight away and voila you have this outfit. I think when you experiment with colour once in a while you can really make a difference to an outfit without looking too loud and clownish.
Take care and see you in my next post!
Outfit details:
Jumper: H&M
Skirt: ZARA
Shoes: Primark
Bag: River Island

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