Visiting the historical DongShangKou area, Guangzhou 东山口

Some weeks back, I and two of my lovely work friends decided to spend a wonderful sunny day at the beautiful historical Dongshankou (东山口). Dongshankou is an old area situated in Yuexiu District (越秀区) of Guangzhou and can be found on the Metro, Line 1 (地铁一号线). Dongshankou is filled with a gorgeous array of trees and flowers, along with old cultural building that date back to the 1920s when China was formerly a republic state, making this place a favourite for many Chinese bloggers.

We first came across a lovely decorated cafe with such a welcoming entrance! I really love interior designs that incorporate nature.

This building, built in 1922, is quintessential of the architectural styles of the day with the curved windows and red brickwork. Inside took place an art exhibition on the first floor, with the second floor owning a cute, relaxing coffee shop.

Overlooking the view with the sun shining down on me I was met with bewildered and fascinated faces (plus cameras) gazing at me. I hurried out of sight soon after this photo was taken.

We then came across a small coffee shop to relax our feet where I was able to drink the most delicious cranberry tea.

Beautiful architecture in DongShanKou
Chinese friend and white dog

We came across a neighbour’s dog who was freely enjoying nature’s environment. As a word of caution, there are so many stray dogs in China, so you must be careful when you see one as there have been many reported attacks on civilians by them.

I love to take a good stroll, whether by myself or with friends and family. What is great about this is that there is no direct or pre-planned route to take, so your mind if free to just relax and enjoy the outside elements. Also, taking a stroll allows you to come across areas and streets with interesting things to see that you otherwise wouldn’t have known was there. Dongshankou is definitely one area that is great for taking a stroll, as no matter what street you take next there is always something that catches the eye.

See you soon!


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