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From Barcelona, With Love

This summer, though quite a rainy one, I and my family took a long awaited vacation to Barcelona for one week. Now we didn’t take the conventional option of travelling by air, instead we travelled for 24 hours by coach; but more information on that can be seen here.


Barcelona is a city filled with life, bustle and a welcoming communal spirit that almost makes one want to pack up and move there in an instant. As it was our first time in Spain, we truly did not know what to expect and were taken by surprise with the amazing views, stunning archaic buildings and scorching hot temperatures! From the few pictures taken above, you can see how beautiful the buildings are which was wonderful for someone like me who enjoys taking photos of absolutely anything and everything. Everyday we spent hours on end exploring the city by foot visiting places like The Sagrada Familia Cathedral, The Magic Fountain Show at Montjuïc, Barceloneta Beach, Las Ramblas, among others.

Barcelona is one city I will definitely visit numerous more times just because of the blissful vibe present there. I and my family learnt quite a lot from our trip there, most if not all known already but was simply beautiful to see on every corner of Barcelona. To name a few:

  1. Family is everything.
  2. You are never too old to show love and affection.
  3. Sometimes walk. 
  4. If you want to look good at 50, eat well and exercise. 

From Barcelona, with Love. 

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