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Today I went for a stroll. I needed to have some time to myself and just wander around for a bit without any constrictions or directions. I took a walk along the pearl river walkway just outside our apartment as I didn’t want to go walking too far and get myself lost. I think I see myself as quite an introverted person and enjoy my company way too much because I don’t need to restrict myself on where I can go, or worry at all if I’m taking too long shopping for things, for example. Don’t get me wrong however, I love hanging around with my friends and of course my family. Friends who I can have a laugh with and be absolutely crazy and free with, and my siblings… oh when we’re together we always have the best of times and that’s the company I enjoy to be around. So, first I took a walk around the garden and found myself sitting down on a bench dazed at the environment I was surrounded in. I was just there, listening to the sounds of nature and to be quite frank I was almost going to fall asleep right there, it was that peaceful. In the garden is a small lake that inhabits these beautiful golden oriental fish and turtles. I was so shocked at the amount of turtles that one by one emerged from the waters! I love everything about nature, and it just make me appreciate and praise the great God in heaven who created these things. 
Walking along the pearl river was amazing, seeing the cruise boat pass by and overlooking the big city was breathtaking. Not much I can say, but it was worth the walk and everyone should take time out of their day to just walk around without a set direction where. Not only do you explore places you’d never normally come across but at the same time relaxes the mind and makes you feel darn good. 
Have a great day
See you soon! 

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