young black woman wearing glasses with a laptop at university.

Mixed reactions: Responses to ‘Young women should not go to University’ post

young black woman wearing glasses with a laptop at university.
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I recently wrote a strong piece on why I believe that young women shouldn’t go to university. However, I made a number of points that could easily be said for both sexes. This is fair enough as in today’s climate, it is becoming more and more clear that one can be successful without a degree. Many young men and women go straight to university/college after school with no strong focus or clarity on what they want to do in life. In fact founding and running a business (though it requires hard work in the short term), can allow an individual to have more autonomy over their time doing something they have a passion for, whilst being more present with family and friends. I should add that it may depend a little on the kind of business that it is. But the point is, that it is seldom considered.

The reason for making it gender specific and talking to young women particularly, is primarily due to the nature of our being and what God essentially expects of us. What God desires for the great majority of women is to marry, bear children and be keepers of the home (Titus 4:5, 1 Timothy 5:14). This should be the priority. I have since had a lot of discourse with friends, family, and even received comments from those I don’t know regarding my post. In all honesty, there were a number of points I had to reconsider and pray about.

But what about representation?

When it comes to most medical professions, it’s not necessary that women be in those spaces. However, for roles such as nurses, midwives – these have historically been female dominated, going even back to bible times. Exodus 1:15-21 recalls the account of Hebrew midwives Shiphrah and Puah who spared the sons born unto the Hebrew women. Women have also historically been known to take care and nurse others. After Jesus Christ was crucified and buried it was mentioned in Mark 16:1 that Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Salome went over to his tomb in order to anoint his body with spices. It is with no doubt that these women acquired knowledge either from passed down teachings or through formal education. I love to research and learn from the past. Now that I have a family of my own, I increasingly love to read about things I can concoct up at home to alleviate certain ailments – It’s a fun and rewarding pastime!

If I had a daughter and she later said she wanted to go to university to study medicine in order to become a neurosurgeon, I would advise against it. Although becoming a neurosurgeon is a worthy pursuit, I don’t see it as a suitable route for a woman. Becoming a neurosurgeon takes a long time, between 14-16 years. The work hours are extremely long, and require out of hours commitments. A house is not a home if we barely have time to invest in it. The same goes for being a police officer or enlisting in the army – to me it doesn’t make sense.

Make marriage your number one goal

Ladies, getting married, loving your husband and raising godly children is a more noble pursuit than a corporate career – it is our highest calling. If you are single and it is in your heart to marry then pray and work towards that! Sometimes going away to university can be an unnecessary distraction, changing the minds of young girls towards feminist ideals. Practice being kind and helpful, sociable and helping out in the home you’re currently in. Ultimately, serving the Lord whilst you are content in singlehood is of utmost importance. Check your heart, is it right with God? Are there things you’re still holding on to? I say this from experience. When I let go, repented and trusted in Lord with prayer and fasting, the Lord really answered my prayers regarding marriage.

When it comes to earning income, I think it should be more encouraged for women to pursue entrepreneurship early on, and gain useful qualifications that help you to do so. I’ve heard many ladies say that they’re just not business minded. Sure. But having a business is much more freeing, why wouldn’t anyone want to attempt to achieve that?! In some sense there is a requirement of faith when trying to start (and running) a business. With everything, the mindset you have is key as well as being diligent in what we put our hands to do. More time with family, submitting only to the demands of your household, and in the long run a more lucrative income stream, which can go to great use.

Is my degree a waste then?

Not at all! It’s fantastic to have the mind to pursue further education, albeit through university. Yet if your desire is to prioritise your home, then there are many other ways to make use of your knowledge apart from the usual 9-5 job.

Men are opting out of college in droves

For some time now there has been a great attack on men and masculinity. The prevailing feminisation of institutions and other factions in society does not pave way for true male leadership and headship. So in what seems like a reverse in modern culture, men are now turning to blue collar jobs. Men enjoy jobs that display their strength and bravery – it increases their testosterone levels and makes them feel that bit more useful. Furthermore, because they are typically jobs carried out by men, it facilitates for brotherhood and male camaraderie.

My point, to conclude, is that women should prioritise the home. The choices we make in life should aim to aim toward that. Or alternatively, as Paul did, you submit and commit your whole life to the Lord in full and undivided service to him. Both callings are blessed by God. But to reiterate, as I’ve mentioned before, praying to God for guidance in our life is what will lead us to a better understanding of his perfect will in us.

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