Encourage girls in being a wife and mother – Harrison Butker’s speech

Getting married young is what I would advise all young girls to focus on, it’s a wonderful blessed vocation and is the gateway to having a family to love and care for with your whole heart. If you’re 18 years old and over, in fact even younger, you’re never too young to start preparing yourself as a young woman for marriage. I shall talk on this more in a separate post so I hope you will subscribe to be notified.

Harrison Butker’s speech

Recently NFL player Harrison Butker gave a heartfelt, and to some a “based” speech at a university and made a few points that made a lot of feminist shiver with anger. What caused a lot of controversy is was what he said below:

I want to speak directly to you briefly because I think it is you, the women, who have had the most diabolical lies told to you. How many of you are sitting here now about to cross this stage and are thinking about all the promotions and titles you are going to get in your career? Some of you may go on to lead successful careers in the world, but I would venture to guess that the majority of you are most excited about your marriage and the children you will bring into this world.

I can tell you that my beautiful wife, Isabelle, would be the first to say that her life truly started when she began living her vocation as a wife and as a mother. I’m on the stage today and able to be the man I am because I have a wife who leans into her vocation. I’m beyond blessed with the many talents God has given me, but it cannot be overstated that all of my success is made possible because a girl I met in band class back in middle school would convert to the faith, become my wife, and embrace one of the most important titles of all: homemaker.

This was a very bold speech to be made in this day and age, yet one that is nothing but the truth and is important for young women to acknowledge; that our greatest calling besides serving the Lord is to get married and bear children, so “that the word of God be not blasphemed” Titus 2:5. Though Harrison faced a lot of backlash from both men and women calling him ‘sexist’ and ‘misogynistic’, the fact is his words resonated with many. A local shop sold out selling his jerseys despite the uproar. Fear God not man.

Society today wishes to present one truth. To think about it deeply, how can it be so outrageous for a man to express his opinion (though fact) that the home and family life is the greatest vocation a woman will undertake. The irony is that the world does not want to believe that the word of God is the absolute truth yet rages when a man states a different truth from their own. Good homes are the foundations of good societies, and we women are tasked with being the keeper of our homes. When you take on that role truly to the utmost of your ability, you will be blessed just as the Proverbs 31 woman was and likewise was the wife of Harrison Butker.

Without Godly homekeepers, without the Godly teachings of salvation underpinned to our children, society will be chaotic and in disarray. We women are to view being able to stay at home and cater wholeheartedly to our households as a great blessing and privilege. Furthermore, taking on the mantle to homeschool your children is a selfless act, but one that will bear so many wonderful great results in the future, God willing.

Let’s not make the home an empty place only for sleeping, as offices and institution are busy with individuals slowly being indoctrinated by the fallacies and follies of certain ideologies. Let’s encourage the younger generation of women to prepare themselves for marriage and bring up children, because that’s what will, in the end matter most, rather than what job she did or career path she journeyed on.

So young girls though you may be at university studying, or at a job working, find time to prepare yourself to one day soon be wives and mothers who will shape the world through your nurturing and guidance. Amen.

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