Wearing a sleeping bonnet in public is not right! 3 better alternatives to wear instead

Black woman wearing a sleeping bonnet in public

Over the past year or so, and especially in recent months during the summertime I have seen too many young black girls wearing a sleeping bonnet in public. Sometimes it’s just one young girl by herself (and they all tend to be of secondary school age) or they band together in twos or threes wearing this bedtime accessory. And that’s it, it’s a head item marketed for use when sleeping and not to act as a substitute for a decent hat to be worn outside doing errands or whatever else.

I checked and saw that there had been some discussion on this over the past couple years and the response was quite puzzling. Many women agreed that it’s not right to wear a sleeping bonnet in public and they wouldn’t personally do so but expressed their discontent at people disapproving those that do. Essentially they were saying that no one should have any business telling or advising anyone what is right to do. Sigh. This is why the sense and decorum in society gets worse and worse besides the fundamental nature of sin. We’ve lost the sense of community and looking out for one another. Where before if someone were to see a young child or children misbehaving in public, they would have no qualms about telling them off or if they knew them informing their parents. Unfortunately today we have become too sensitive and insular in nature.

Interestingly, when compared to a similar forum post in 2008 the discussion and responses were widely different – the majority, if not all disapproved of wearing a sleeping bonnet in public. It made me wonder whether there has been a change in the water we’re drinking or what?

I love the bible because there is so much wisdom – well most certainly, it’s the word of God. And so it says:

For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.

Hebrews 12:6

We all have our faults and errors, and so it’s loving when someone corrects our ways knowing that it’s only for our own good and growth.

Is wearing a sleeping bonnet in public right?

So essentially, my thoughts are for the young black girls of the UK, please let today be the last day you wear a sleeping bonnet outside. It’s not cute, it’s not a look and certainly not a good trend. Wearing a sleeping bonnet should only serve its purpose when you rest your head at night. Let’s learn from good examples. Could you imagine seeing the Duchess of Cambridge wearing a nightcap outside? She’s very elegant in how she dresses and ALWAYS looks well put together, from head to toe. Because presentation and dressing well matters – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. In fact I wrote a lengthy piece on this on my blog which you can read if you’d like HERE. It’s good to imitate those who are doing things the right way.

So what can you do instead? Clearly the main reason why young girls are wearing this outside is because their hair underneath is not done. So to avoid this, it’s best to give yourself ample amount of time in order to set your hair right for going outside. And if not, then there are numerous other ways to wrap your hair than resorting to a sleeping accessory.

Wear a headwrap

I’ve seen so many beautiful styles that one could rock if you think that your hair is not looking great that day. We’ve all been there, I certainly have and it’s a look that black women have rocked for centuries.

Wear a nice hat

I know the majority of young girls may see wearing a hat as old fashioned and a cramp to their style, but you just have to search for that one that will be fit for modern day if that’s what you prefer or be surprised that the more traditional vintage looks may actually suit you. Examples are the French beret – which is stylish and simple as we move into the colder months. It should just take you 5 minutes to wear your hair in a low bun if long enough and put on your beret. If too short then just wear the beret over your cute tiny fro!

Here are some Amazon finds for you to check out:




Prepare ahead and do your hair

We can all do with better time management, I’ll be the first to say that. If you need to venture outside, give yourself extra time so that you can set your hair nicely so as no to have to resort to wearing a sleeping bonnet outside. Or prepare well in advance and book an appointment at the salon to get your hair professionally done.

So to my dear young black girls, I want you to make a little bit more effort in looking your best always when out in public. Let us not be slovenly and lazy in our appearance. One day if not already you’re going to get married and so you want to start planting those seeds of grace, loveliness, and femininity from now. Ultimately however, no matter how well you dress, if you don’t have a kind heart and haven’t accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into your heart then it’s all as my mum would say ‘ba bash’ (rubbish) because we should be known more for our inward heart than what we wear. But dressing well is important – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

So that’s all from me and I will speak to you next time.

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