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Expensive Clothes do not always equate to quality

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The other day I went shopping with my sister to help her find some feminine clothes to purchase. I was surprised at what I saw and where I saw it. This revelation made me realise that expensive clothes do not always equate to quality.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a shopping trip, because in this season of motherhood, online shopping is the default mode. But I do not like online shopping so much. I take way too long perusing through sites, wondering whether that dress is going to suit me or whether I may just find something better? Or is it worth the price tag? In the end, I don’t end up buying anything – The online shopping experience leaves me feeling even more lost, impatient and annoyed. It’s a shame that here in the UK the high street is really dying – Much to be said on that in a future post.


But what of the expensive ≠ quality revelation. Well, my sister and I had entered Zara to look at what was in store. I must say, I was very happy at what I saw. Well designed pieces and silhouettes. In my head, I was saying “yes Zara is back”, as I used to always shop there back in the day but felt that in recent years the styles had gone downhill. However, when I looked at the care label of some beautiful pieces I would have wanted to buy, I was disappointed to see “100% polyester”. The disapproval came because I am taking a more conscious decision for myself and my family to purchase ‘natural’ products. So I see a beautifully designed dress, for example, it’s made out of polyester yet the price tag leaves me quite puzzled.


Now I realise that for companies, the final price tag depends on a number of factors such as costs of production, D&D, logistics and essentially what their customers are willing to pay. So it’s just something I had to expect. But afterwards we went to Primark and I look around to see really nice dresses! I was loving the cuts of some pieces and the embroidery detailing and finishing touches they had. I looked at the care label and was not only surprised to see that the material was made from 100% natural fibers but also that it cost less than £20! For so many years I have looked away from Primark because of the reputation it had regarding sweatshops and low quality products. Fortunately I read that the company has been more conscious about their operations and quality control since then.

So I saw mainly cotton and linen pieces but also blends that included viscose, which is a semi-synthetic material. If you’re curious about all the natural fibres and synthetic fibres, and how long it takes for each to decompose (so interesting!), click here. The items were quite pretty, feminine and most of all looked well made – I was surprised!

Just a quick post to share my shopping experience! Let me know where you go to buy cute feminine clothes!

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